This Year entries must be paid BEFORE the rodeo. This will be done by entering online, Mailing in your entries ( Must be received, not postmarked, no later than one week prior to the rodeo), Walk Up Entries will be accepted free of charge at the FIRST RODEO WEEKEND ONLY OR THE FIRST RODEO YOU ATTEND AND BECOME A MEMBER. After the first rodeo weekend walkup entries or late payments will have a $20 late fee.

To Enter by Cash or Check:

  1. you will need to fill out the Entry and Membership forms that are on our website.
  2. Mail in your entry fee OR Leave it in your folder at the rodeo. YOU MUST PREPAY for your entries. You can leave cash or check in your folder..  

To Enter Online: 

  1. Download the Rodeo Ready App onto your phone (Available on Apple and Android.)
  2. Sign into the app

Once you are in the app, You must pay for your membership first, before you can enter the rodeos. 

  1. Select “People”
  2. Tap “+ Add”
    1. Add Person
  3. Enter the Information for your contestant here. YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL INFORMATION BOXES but leave prize payouts method on “Cheque”
  4. Tap “Save”
  5. Repeat this Process for each contestant

To Apply and Pay your Membership: 

  1. Tap “Organizations”
    1. In the search bar type Mid-South Rodeo Cowkids Association” 
    2. Select our organization
    3. Tap “Apply for membership” 
    4. Apply as: (Select your contestant)
    5. Select your membership type (your contestants age group)
    6. Tap “Apply and Pay” 
    7. Pay your membership (membership prices include credit card fees).
    8. Once Your membership is Paid you can enter a rodeo

To Enter a Rodeo 

  1. Sign into your app
  2. Select “Competitions”
  3. Tap “Rodeos” in the top left of the map
  4. The MRCA rodeos should be listed first but if not you can tap “organization” and filter our organization Mid-South Rodeo Cowkids Association from the list
  5. Select the rodeo you are wanting to enter 
  6. Click “register”
  7. “Register as:” (The contestant you are wanting to enter)
  8. Tap “+Add Entry” on the events you are wanting to enter your contestant in. 
  9. Tap “Register” double check that you have entered in all the correct events
  10. Tap “Register & Pay” 
  11. Select your payment method 
  12. Tap “Pay” 
  13. You will get a pop up saying your registration was successful
  14. Repeat For the 2nd Day 

Things to note: 

  1. You must register for both rodeos to enter for the full weekend. You do this one rodeo at a time. 
  2. If you are running slack you will need to “+ Add Entry” to 14-19 slack individual or family ( depending on what you are considered) ON THE DAY YOUR ARE WANTING TO MAKE YOUR RUNS
  3. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Toni at 405.613.4601